VisualARQ BIM for Rhino


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VisualARQ – Flexible BIM for Rhino

VisualARQ is an architectural design software which enhances Rhino by adding powerful architectural object styling and dynamic documentation tools which adapt to fit your workflow.

Using the free-form capabilities of Rhino/Grasshopper + the BIM features that VisualARQ provides = Flexible BIM for Rhino.
Design, model and produce BIM projects of any free-form architectural design.
Work with powerful associative 3D achitectural objects also created from Grasshopper.

  • BIM for Rhino3d – Share models with other AEC BIM modelling Tools in your office or with Clients & Contractors
  • Parametric Architectural Library for Rhino3d – Walls, Curtain Walls, Doors, Windows, Openings, Columns and Beams, Slabs, Roofs & more…
  • Section & Plan Generator – Create full Documentation automatically from your 3D Rhino Model. Plans, Sections, Elevations etc.
  • Real Time Sections – Dynamic Architectural Section & Rendered & Interior Views
  • Integration with Grasshopper – VisualARQ’s own Grasshopper components, bring Architectural objects inside your Grasshopper definitions.

VisualARQ official Site

For more informations contact us

Contact us for more information about VisualARQ BIM for Rhino.

We will respond to all questions about software via email within one business day. If you do not receive a response, please check your spam and promotions folders. Your satisfaction is important to us, so do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.



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    Freeform modeling


    Freeform modeling

    Freeform modelling Powered by Rhino – Convert any freeform geometry into an informed object with VisualARQ.
    More info:

    Grasshopper integration


    Grasshopper integration

    Define your workflow with the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components. Automate object and object style creation through visual programming.
    More info:

    BIM features


    Flexible BIM features

    Add BIM to Rhino.  Object styles to control information and parameters, IFC for interoperability between teams and applications.
    More info:



    Powerful Documentation

    Dynamic and precise documentation always available from the VisualARQ 3d model
    More info:

    Parametric objects

    Parametric architectural objects

    Parametric architectural objects

    Work with BIM objects such as walls, curtain walls, beams, columns, openings, stairs and other custom objects driven by parametric properties and styles.
    More info:



    Easy management and user interface

    Organize your project by levels, sections, layers, sheets, templates, and more through user friendly dialogs.
    More info:


    MediaTIC project modeled with VisualARQ

    Architectural Visualization

    Assign materials, activate sections and generate great architectural views of your project.
    More info:


    Team collaboration

    Team collaboration

    File format’s support, floating network licenses, external references and more….