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modo 3d

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Modo 3D rel.16

Creative 3D modeling, animation, texturing and rendering tools.
Modo 16 is available for purchase as an Online License.
Online Licenses do not require the hardware dongle to use the software, but do require an internet connection.
Modo 16 include:

1 Digital software license

1 License Key

1 Software Product ID

No printed textbook is provided: the digital version is available for free download.
The license is commercial.

Electronic delivery within 1-2 working days

Rhinoceroshop is an Official Reseller for 3D software in Switzerland

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With Modo 3D, you have the tools you need to realize any vision, enabling you to focus on being creative. 

The Shader Tree has been re envisioned to be easier to read and offer valuable new workflow capabilities. The new Wrap Effector offers a single, straightforward method to manipulate complex meshes intelligently and efficiently.Primitive Slice, the new Bridge MeshOp and Conditional Loops elevate modeling workflow in exciting new ways. Native Rhino 7 I/O emphasizes Modo’s role in manufacturing-oriented asset creation. With 20 powerful Features and enhancements, Modo 16.0 is here to smarten your day.

MODO 3D Direct and Procedural Modeling

Modo defined what good modeling workflow means… With every release it has grown in power and flexibility. Users can rapidly create and manipulate geometry with a tremendous array of context-aware tools. New additions to the 16 series include the Bridge MeshOp, many enhancements to Slice Effector booleans and Primitive Slice. Conditional loops dramatically extends Modo’s already powerful selection capabilities.

MODO 16.0 Key Features

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Contact us for more information about Modo 3D.

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    Additional information

    Modo 16

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    Licenze Type

    modo-individual, business-modo-multi-seat

    Product Name

    modo-individual-subscription-12-months, modo-individua l maintenance-renewal, modo-individual-maintenance-renewal-lapsed, modo-business-multi-seat-subscription-12-months, modo-business-multi-seat-maintenance-renewal, modo-business-multi-seat-maintenance-renewal-lapsed, modo-multi-seat-perpetual-license-upgrade, modo-multi-seat-maintenance-upgrade

    Types of licences available

    MODO 16 Educational

    Modo Educational is only for the purpose of training and instruction, and for no other purpose.
    Students and Educational users are strictly prohibited from using the software for any commercial, professional or for-profit purposes.

    MODO 16 Individual

    Modo Individual is strictly for ‘individual/personal’ users or is a legal entity in the direct ownership of a single natural person.
    We require all companies to use Modo for Business or Modo for Enterprise.

    MODO 16 Business

    Modo Business is designed for Studios who typically have between 2 to 50 users of Modo.
    These customers are a collection of artists or designers using Modo to create 3D digital assets. Networked licenses (now with roaming) allow these businesses to manage their users centrally via a license server.

    MODO 16 Enterprise

    Modo Enterprise is a solution-focused approach called the Enterprise Solution Partnership or ESP for short.
    ESP is a partnership model that ensures that our Corporate Partners can have confidence in the design, deployment and support of Foundry Software as a key part of their critical business processes.
    ESP provides access to levels of service, support and engineering that are not available to our Individual or Business Customers.

    Officially supported operating systems

    macOS 10.15.x, 11.x, and 12.x

    Windows 10 and Windows 11 (64-bit only)

    Linux 64-bit operating system (CentOS/RHEL 7.6+)/Ubuntu 20.04

    Testing on Apple Silicon (M1) processors is in progress and this statement will be updated when completed.

    Modo tech specs

    Modo performs best on newer, advanced hardware configurations, while supporting many older, prior-generation systems.

    Details of the system requirements on the manufacturer’s website