V-Ray 5 for Rhino 3D


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V-Ray 5 for Rhino 3D

Real-time and photoreal rendering in one.
V-Ray 5 for Next Rhino 3D is available for purchase as an Online License.
Online Licenses do not require the hardware dongle to use the software, but do require an internet connection.
V-Ray for Rhino include:

  • 1 digital software license
  • 1 Licenze Key
  • 1 Software Product ID
  • V-Ray for Rhino is included in every annual or three-year subscription plan.
    The subscription plans are:
    Choose the plan that best suits you and your team.

No printed textbook is provided: the digital version is available for free download.
The license is commercial.

Electronic delivery within 4 working days

Rhinoceroshop is an Official Reseller for 3D software in Switzerland

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V-Ray 5 for Rhino 3D

The all-in-one visualization solution for Rhino and Grasshopper.

V-Ray 5 for Rhino is a 3D rendering software that combines real-time and photoreal rendering into one complete suite of visualization tools. From architecture to product design, it’s everything you need to bring your next design project to life.

Visualize in real-time.

New in V-Ray 5, V-Ray Vision gives you a live real-time view as you build your model, apply materials, and light your Rhino and Grasshopper designs. Now you can visualize any project in real-time while you design.

Turn your vision into reality.

With photorealistic lights, cameras, and materials, rendering with V-Ray is as real as it gets. Communicate and collaborate with confidence, knowing that your designs look just right.
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Go beyond rendering.

Introducing all-new tools that let you fine-tune and finish your renders without needing an extra app. Composite render layers, make color corrections, and instantly adjust lighting in the new V-Ray Frame Buffer.

Elevate your designs.

Choose from a collection of smart assets — including high-quality models of plants, people, vehicles and furniture — and give your project real-world context. The all-new Chaos® Cosmos asset browser lets you easily place render-ready 3D content right into your Rhino scene.
Learn more about Chaos Cosmos >

Seamless Grasshopper integration.

Visualize your parametric designs on the fly. V-Ray for Grasshopper comes with V-Ray for Rhino and includes a collection of nodes to support V-Ray geometry, lighting, materials, rendering, and animation.
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V-Ray 5 for Rhino 3D

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V-Ray for Rhino — Key features

Real-time rendering

V-Ray® Vision gives the power to design and refine in real-time to anyone working in Rhino or Grasshopper. Now, you can explore a real-time view of your scene, set up lights and cameras, and apply materials.

CPU, GPU and Hybrid rendering

V-Ray comes with two powerful rendering engines. You can choose between super-fast GPU and CPU or Hybrid rendering to best suit your project needs and requirements.

Smart 3D assets

Our integrated asset library, Chaos Cosmos, enables you to search and add render-ready objects and HDRI skies to your scene directly from the V-Ray toolbar. The Cosmos assets have automatic LODs, accurate scale and can be used across Rhino, 3ds Max, SketchUp and Revit.

Learn more about Chaos Cosmos >


Remove noise and dramatically cut render times. Use the V-Ray Denoiser to denoise each render element in post-production. The NVIDIA AI Denoiser and Intel Open Image Denoise deliver instant noise-free feedback in V-Ray IPR.

Interactive rendering

Render while you design. See results right away as you adjust lights, materials and cameras. You could also look at the denoised image while rendering in the Rhino viewport.

Render Elements

Render separate layers for more artistic control in image-editing software.

V-Ray Swarm

Render with maximum power using V-Ray’s new simple and scalable distributed rendering.


V-Ray for Rhino enables light studies, turntables and fly-through animations rendering and an optimal way.

Line rendering

Apply contours to your entire scene or to a separate shader with a single click. Intuitively tweek controls to get the desired appearance.

Chaos Cloud

Rendering on the Cloud is just one click away.

Learn more >

Automating snapshots & batch renders

V-Ray Batch makes it easy to render snapshots from the same project or views from multiple Rhino files all at once.

Viewport rendering

An overlay on top of Rhino’s viewport. It is rendered interactively and if scene changes are made, updates the rendered result.

V-Ray for Grasshopper

Powerful design visualization.

Visualize your algorithmic designs for architecture, jewelry, products, and more with V-Ray® for Grasshopper. V-Ray for Grasshopper is included with V-Ray for Rhino for real-time visualization, photorealistic rendering, and animation.

And working with V-Ray in Grasshopper is simple. You hook up V-Ray components exactly the same as native Grasshopper components.

For more information visit our help docs >

Straightforward workflow. Powerful functionality.

V-Ray for Grasshopper comes with exclusive components for geometry, lighting, materials, rendering, and animation.

No baking needed

Iterate your designs faster with a live connection between Grasshopper and Rhino—no baking or export required.

Visualize in real-time

Now for the first time, you can visualize your Grasshopper designs in real-time with the new Live Link component for V-Ray Vision.

Customizable materials

Give your designs the right look. There are multiple ways to apply materials to your Grasshopper model. You can assign a simple material override, or you can select from a preset, a file, or a project.

Lighting options

See your models in their best light. Simulate any natural, artificial, or image-based lighting condition with a wide range of light types and presets.

Powerful animation

The V-Ray Timeline component lets you animate geometry, cameras, and light


Quickly populate your scene with detailed entourage such as plants and trees. With V-Ray Proxies, you can randomly scatter lightweight stand-ins for detailed objects that only show at render time.

Lighting analysis

Accurately visualize the light levels in your scene with the Lighting Analysis component. This render element can show Luminance and Illuminance measurements as a colored gradient or a grid of values.


V-Ray for Grasshopper includes multiple camera types: physical cameras with controls for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO; orthographic cameras; and stereoscopic 3D cameras.


Easily render simple sections or complex cutaways with the help of the V-Ray Clipper component.

System requirements for V-ray 5 for Rhino 3D

Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing V-Ray. For additional information on hardware, see the Hardware Recommendations article.

Processor Intel 64, AMD64 or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support
RAM 8 GB RAM and 8 GB swap minimum – recommended 16 GB or more RAM.
Hard Disk Space Minimum 2GB, Recommended 12GB (includes additional downloadable content)
TCP/IP Only IPv4 is supported. IPv6 is currently not supported.
Supported GPU Maxwell-, Pascal-, Volta-, Turing- and Ampere- based NVIDIA card(s) with the latest recommended video driver (for both CUDA and RTX – enabled cards)

V-Ray Vision requires a Graphics card with DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 and Shader Model 5.0 capabilities

The following table shows the versions of Rhinoceros 3D and the operating systems on which V-Ray is supported. Note that V-Ray is only supported for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit versions of Rhino.

Version of Rhino Supported Operating System
Rhino 6 (v6.29.20238 or later) Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Professional
Rhino 7 (7.3.21053 or later) Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Professional